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Board of Management

The Board of Trustee is to approve organizational structure and facilities of University. The Board of Trustee is responsible for overall management, to ensure financing and strategic plan for better functioning of all other bodies of the University. Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University and he is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Syndicate and Board of Trustees. Vice Chancellor is the ex-officio of Board of Trustees. The Vice-Chancellor shall be accountable to the Board of Trustees for his activities.


The German University Bangladesh is governed by the Executive Committee. Which includes Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors. In addition the Treasurer and the Scientific Adviser also belongs to the Executive Committee. more


Advising and Counseling Bodies:

Excellence Council The Excellence Council is an internal board particularly from Germany that advises the Board of Vice Chancellor and is involved in developing research priorities within the framework of the university’s future concept. It initiates new research networks and doctoral programs and evaluates the effects of all projects that are successful in the Excellence Initiative. The council will consists of 7 outstanding researchers of German University Bangladesh, including many who have achieved special distinctions such as in Research. Most members are also involved in a GUB “focus area”, an excellence cluster, or a graduate school at the university that is receiving special funding.

International Council:

The International Council is an external advisory body made up of prominent scholars and scientists as well as higher education policymakers from different countries. Two countries (Germany and United States of America) are currently represented on the council. The council’s role is to supply international perspectives on the medium-to long-term alignment of German University Bangladesh.


Two standing commissions will be created to support and advise the Board of Vice Chancellor and Academic Senate: the Teaching Commission and the Research Commission.

Saifullah Khandker born 1952 in Ghatail, Tangail, Bangladesh. He is a professor of Food Science and Technology and Environment Specialist, Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker is the Vice Chancellor (acting) of German University Bangladesh (GUB). He is responsible for overall supervision and implementation of all work of GUB. more


Thomas M. Klapoetke Born on February 24, 1961; Göttingen, Lower Saxony Professor Dr. Thomas M. Klapoetke will be the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the GUB. He shall be responsible for research, faculty appointment matters and promotion of young scientists. He will also perform other duties determined by the statues of the University and assigned by the VC. He also supervises Chemical Laboratories. more


Michael B. Krawinkel born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany Professor of Nutrition Science Dr. med. Michael B. Krawinkel is responsible for academic activities and teaching. He will also be responsible to maintain liaison with DAAD (German Academic Program) and collection of fund form Germany. He also supervises the Modern Language Center and maintain liaison with the Goethe Institute. more


Leo Brunnberg born  in Berlin Professor of veterinary medicine and educational psychology Dr. Leo Brunnberg will be responsible for the areas of international relations and liaison with the German Government. more


Cornelius Froemmel Born 1951 in (Niedersachsen) Professor Dr. med. Cornelius Froemmel will be responsible for developing and promoting Medical Education, Nursing Education Curricula of GUB. Moreover he will also be working on the policy development and promotion of Teachers Education Program of German University Bangladesh. more



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Born 0000 in 000000000, Bangladesh The Treasurer belongs to the Board of Vice Chancellors. He is responsible for maintaining accounts of Income and Expenditure of the University. He will perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the statutes. more


Saifullah Khandker born 1952 in Ghatail, Tangail, Bangladesh Professor of Food Science and Technology and Environment Specialist, Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker is appointed by the Vice Chancellor as Scientific Adviser of the German University Bangladesh (GUB). He will assist the Vice Chancellor in all advisory and policy making work of the GUB. He is responsible for overall supervision and implementation of all work of GUB. more

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