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German University Bangladesh as an Organization

The aim of German University Bangladesh (GUB) is to offer scope for scholars, scientists the best possible conditions for the research and the students for better atmosphere for higher study. Continuous organizational development in the academic research and administrative fields helps the university to achieve this goal.

Space for Individual Ideas:

In comparison to other existing Universities in the Country, German University Bangladesh offers an especially high degree of autonomy in terms of individual ideas and decision-making. The objective of the Board of Trustee has made it possible to foster the Higher Education “to try out new models of Management, Organization, and Financing” in order to make it “self sustainable” simplify decision-making processes and improve economic efficiency. In 2014, German University Bangladesh passed its Basic Rules and Regulations, enabling it to make use of the self-governing under the Higher Education Act of GUB-Trust. As a result, the duties and responsibilities of different Committee of the University and other Governing Bodies have been streamlined and the departments now bear a greater share of responsibility for their own operations and activities.


Features that Distinguish Us:
  • The study of Environment Protection and Food Quality as well as development of new strategies in other prominent research focus will be “Arsenic” and “Pesticide” Problem of Bangladesh.
  • Research on “Education and the Future”, the Department of Teachers Training Education and Psychology in cooperation with the Department of humanities and social sciences at German University Bangladesh.
  • International Networks with Europe, especially with Germany. There will be close ties with the Humboldt University of Berlin, Free University of Berlin, Technical University of Berlin, Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich, Giessen University and agreement like Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), liaison office supports and to foster German University Bangladesh.
New Structure for Research Strategy:

In addition to the traditional department and institute structures, there will be five interdisciplinary research platforms called “focus area” will be created in coming one/two years, which will substitutes other disciplines to fulfill the research and development activities in the globalised world. The institutional strategy of GUB follows a topic-related management approach. The overall aim is to strategically establish clusters of expertise, systematically initiate productive international networks in research and higher education, and promote young researchers through the reshaping of graduate education:

  • Food Science Research Center (FSRC) acts as an umbrella organization for the university’s research in the Food Quality Control Study and Development Strategies against Food Contamination and Food Adulteration.
  • Environment Research Center (ERC), which will develop strategies against Environment Protection and Conservation. (Remediation of Environment Contamination and Environmental Hygiene).
  • Research on “Education and the Future” in cooperation with the Department of Teachers Training Education and Psychology, as does the
  • Center for Area Studies (CAS) in terms of region-specific activities in the humanities and social sciences at German University Bangladesh and a
  • Center for International Cooperation (CIC).
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