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Research Facilities

Interested Research area:

Our prime objectives is to introduce quality education and expand of some yet unexplored non-traditional scientific fields into the Bangladeshi educational curriculum, particularly: Food Science & Engineering, Environment Protection Technology, Bio-Technology, Agricultural Science & Technology, Bio-Engineering and Medicine (Veterinary medicine and Public Health) as well as other area of social science and business management. Our research centre seeks to explore new knowledge by conducting study in its interested research areas. Our research is making lives better by tackling the current issues – not just here in Gazipur, but beyond. We're helping people on our doorstep and we aim to help people around the world. Current projects are looking at local issues such as the Food Supply System in Dhaka mega city and aiming to concentrate on the global issues in future.

Research partner

Being a research based university, German University Bangladesh (GUB) pays a special attention on the research and development. Recently, an agreement has been signed between the German University Bangladesh and the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), to develop mutual cooperation and exchange knowledge. Dr.-Ing.Volker Heinz, CEO of the German Institute of Food Technologies, signed the agreement at GUB campus.  The German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) is located at the heart of Germany’s agriculture and food industry. A very well-established team of around 160 experts has been developed in connection with the institute over the past three decades. The team taps new potentials every day and paves the way for innovations. With more than 150 member companies from the food industry and related fields, DIL operates as a research institute working in the areas of product development, process development and analysis. Having the Mutual Cooperation agreement signed by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), the window of new opportunities has opened in research and development in Bangladesh. In addition, German University Bangladesh seeks to do research work with the organizations from national and international platform.

Ongoing project: 

Currently, the research center of German University Bangladesh working on a project with the cooperation of the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) where the department of Food Science and Engineering of the university directly cooperating to bring a fruitful outcome from the project. The project has been designed taking both the academic and professional aspects in to consideration. While the project carries its own weight, a PhD degree would be awarded based on the thesis derived from the project. Md. Saiful Islam , Assistant professor and Mr. Ashish Basak, Lecturer of the Department of Business Administration are pursuing PhD program under the supervision of Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker, Dean, Faculties of Engineering Science, German University Bangladesh. The program is organized and funded by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) and the Germen University Bangladesh is cooperating by providing the intellectual resources to make the project successful. Notably, the PhD degree would be awarded by a reputed university located in Germany.

Titled of the ongoing projects:

  • Sustainable Food Supply system for the population of Megacity Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Analysis of the value added chain in the potato processing in Bangladesh.
Last updated:31.12.2017
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