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The department of Sociology, under the Faculty of Social Science is offering Bachelor programs in Sociology. The four years Bachelor program in Sociology has 130 credits which includes a thesis work along with an internship project.

The Bachelor Program provides an in-depth knowledge and skills that a student need to critically examine, analyze and evaluate the interplay between social theory and practice in real life.  The program has a strong analytical, empirical and comparative orientation. Our aim is to develop and test theories that engage with real world problems, especially in Bangladeshi context. Particular strengths include the statistical analysis of social surveys, social demography, collection, management and analysis of complex datasets, the development of rational choice theory, micro social experiments and simulation studies. 

The program offers a wide range of alternative courses within the Faculty of Social Science, which will allow you to further develop interests in related fields of study. Some of the inter-disciplinary courses include Fundamental of economics, Principal of Political Science, Communicative English, Bangladesh Studies, and International Law etc. 

A number of career opportunities are available to the students who will successfully completed the Bachelor program. These opportunities include development sector, government and international organizations, universities and research institutes etc. Students will also get the opportunity to pursue their master studies in one of our partner universities in Germany.

Last updated:31.12.2017
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