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Welcome to the unique world of Mathematics and Logic. Mathematics is one of the oldest fundamental sciences. Mathematicians use mathematical theory, logic, computational techniques, algorithms and the latest computer technology to solve economic, engineering, physics and business problems. As a branch of the Philosophy, Mathematics is a major achievement of the human mind, a subject with its own structure and elegance, worthy of pursuit for its own sake. On the other hand, mathematics has always been used to help us understand the world and the society in which we live, and with the development of the computer, applications of the mathematical methods of thought have become even more prominent. The application of mathematics is spreading in modern industry. The result is that the mathematicians are found in almost every sector of job market, including banking, business, engineering research, telecommunications, computer services and software, computer manufacturer, chemical and pharmaceuticals and among others.

At German University Bangladesh (GUB), we respect and focus more on practical application aspects of mathematics. The structure and intellectual appeal of mathematical ideas is central in our courses and curriculum. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching and research in a wide variety of applied sciences. We stress the relationship of mathematical thinking to other fields of intellectual and practical endeavor e.g. business, engineering, information technology. We emphasize the importance of clear and careful expression to mathematical logic and reasoning; our courses involve practice in writing, giving oral presentations, and working on projects with industries and research organizations as part of a team and leading our students to professional excellence in applied mathematical research.


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