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Department of Human Health (similar to public health)

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The Department of Human Health (HH) at GUB under Faculty of Health and Bio Sciences offers 4 years Bachelor of Science (BSc. Honors) degree program in Human Health (HH) with an ambition of developing quality researchers as well as human health professionals globally. The curriculum of the degree is prepared with the intension to groom up the students to effectively contribute in all aspects of necessary theoretic knowledge on human health. Therefore, the curriculum of the B. Sc. program vastly focuses on:

  • Public Health
  • Health Communication
  • Human Anatomy, Histology, Physiology & Pathology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Genetics
  • Human Nutrition
  • Basic Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,  Biology etc)
  • Health Policy
  • BSc. Thesis Program etc

Total credits of the course is 155, including 2 semesters per year.


  • To perform research on the pathogenesis and prevention of environmentally-produced illness that will act as a catalyst for scientifically based public health advances in society.
  • To perform research that will range from the molecular to the epidemiological levels and will utilize a diversity of appropriate technologies.
  • To produce well-educated scientists and  professionals with the ability to advance environmental health in all sectors of society both domestically and internationally.


  • Attract and retain a distinguished faculty from a wide range of fields, such as chemistry, physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, medicine, epidemiology, occupational health, health policy, and risk management.
  • Seek colleagues and collaborations to maximize the department’s resources and impact: establish and strengthen collaborations with German Universities as well as other leading universities.
  • Promote interdisciplinary research and teaching.
  • Recruit and provide financial support for the most qualified graduate students.
  • Increase resources (financial support, space, equipment and opportunities) for the career development of faculty, staff and students.

Career Opportunity:

  • International Organizations: WHO, FAO, UNO, CARE etc
  • Voluntary, Private or NGO sectors: ICDDR,B, ASA etc
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Fields: Home and Abroad (Specially Germany)
  •  Own Campus Job Facility (for desired candidate)
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