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Course Content

Course Contents of Food Science and Technology:

Food science and technology deals with the processing of raw materials from the agriculture and horticulture, the fisheries, the meat up to eatable and drinkable products of all kind. Modern scientific and technological progress demands a multidisciplinary approach and thorough training in the basic sciences. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to provide a broad undergraduate program in the basic sciences on which to build technical competence in food science and technology. Besides, students learn different important quality standards as well as the quality desired by the consumers.

The objective of the program is to develop within the student an understanding of the nature, properties, and characteristics of foods as determined through biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, physics, and other sciences.

Food scientists extend this knowledge to the development of new products, processes, equipment, and packages; to the selection of proper raw products and ingredients; and to the adequate direction of plant operations so that processed foods high in nutritive value and quality are economically produced.

Then in the main phase of study these subject areas are taught in detailed. In fact the course of studies is wide ranged and students often have to specialize during study on certain subareas. In a continuing Master Study students will have the possibility to focus on a specialized area of the food technology.

At German University Bangladesh Particular value is placed on practical training periods as well as group projects. Here students have the possibility to apply the already learnt theory and to prove skill.

Courses Offer:
•B. S. in Food Science and Technology

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