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Bachelor Programs


The curricula and syllabuses of the Bachelors’ programs have been designed in such a way that the students acquire a firm basic foundation in theory and with a strong practical orientation. The curricula, the mode of teaching and the system of evaluation used in the University are all modern and of international standard, and aims to produce graduates who will be knowledgeable, self-confident and creative. Apart from being aware of national and international problems and issues, the graduates of this University will also be exposed to broader scientific vision of life and the world. So that graduates produced by the University can join government services, private enterprises, (both local and foreign) and can also set up their own firms and industries/factories. In other words, they will be assets or productive human resources for the progress, prosperity and development of the country.
Initially the University aims at educating the young students in the priority areas and offer Bachelor degree in the following study programs:

Ongoing Programs

Name of the Programs Credit Hours
BSc. in Food Science & Engineering (FSE)
BSc. in Food Science & Engineering (FSE) for Diploma Holder
BSc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) for Diploma Holder
BSc. (Hons.) in Environment Protection Technology (EPT)
BSc. (Hons.) in Environment Protection Technology (EPT) for Diploma
BSc. (Hons.) in Bio-Technology (BT)
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Bio-Technology (BT) for Diploma
Bachelor of Human Health (HH)
Bachelor of Human Health (HH) for Diploma Holder
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
BSS (Hons.) in Public Administration(BPA)
Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology)
BA (Hons.) in English
BA (Hons.) in Economics

Upcoming Programs

Name of the Programs
Credit Hours
BSc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)
BSc. in Mechatronics Engineering (ME)
Apparel Manufacturing Merchandising (AMM)
Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)
B.Sc. in Sustainable Crop Science
Veterinary Medicine
German Language Course
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