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Masters Programs

Why Graduate (MS) Program?

Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees are essential for different important sectors such as teaching, research, national planning and some technical jobs. Graduates with good grades will, therefore, be encouraged to go for Master Degrees and Ph.D. programs. The credit syste will be operative at the post-graduate levels as well. In a nutshell, the main objective of setting this University is to offer quality appropriate and meaningful education to our youths. The University will therefore help the nation in this regard.

The GUB will introduce Master/Magister degree programs. The duration will be one and a half to two years of study within the framework of current UGC regulation.

Besides the standard degree programs, the German University Bangladesh will offer further – occasional international – inter University Programs.

Master Programs

Name of the Programs
Credit Hours
Master of Business Administration (MBA-One Year)
Master of Business Administration (MBA-Two Year)
M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
MA in English (One Year)
Last updated:31.12.2017
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