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Advisory Board of GUB


Responsibility and Teamwork:

The Board of VC works according to the principle of collective responsibility. The VC is responsible for setting guidelines within the executive Board. Within those guidelines, each Director, the Treasurer and the Scientific Advisers are responsible for managing his or her division independently and on his or her own responsibility. The Treasurer supports the VC in performing his or her duties. The Treasurer will monitor and maintain accounts of income and expenditure of the University and will be responsible for the formulation of annual budget, financial management and discipline and accounts. He or she is bound to abide by the guidelines set by the VC in doing so.

Board of Vice Chancellor Supporting Team

The Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor’s and Treasurer are selected as well as nominated by the Board of Trustees and Appointed by President of Bangladesh. The VC is entitled to propose additional Scientific Advisers. The VC, Pro-VC’s and Treasurer generally serve for a term of four years. The Director of Administration and Finance is elected by the Board of Trustees upon nomination by the VC and is appointed by the VC of GUB.

The work of the VC’s Board is supported by the University Administration and by a number of Executive Supporting Teams:

  • Executive Office
  • Reporting and Reporting Systems
  • Executive Coordinating Office
  • International Network University
  • Office of Press and Public Affairs
Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker, Vice-Chancellor - acting
Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker became Vice-Chancellor (acting) of the German University Bangladesh according to the decision of Board of Trustees. He is a Professor of Food Science and Technology and Environment Protection Technology. He is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University and he is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Syndicate and Board of Trustees. He represents the university and is responsible for the smooth running of all university proceedings. Vice Chancellor is the ex-officio of Board of Trustees. The Vice-Chancellor shall be accountable to the Board of Trustees for his activities. Within the guidelines set by the Statute of the University, the Pro-Vice Chancellors, and the Treasurer independently manage their areas of responsibility.
Professor Dr. Thomas M. Klapoetke, Pro-VC for Reasearch
Born on February 24, 1961; Göttingen, Lower Saxony Professor Dr. Thomas M. Klapoetke will be the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the GUB. He shall be responsible for research, faculty appointment matters and promotion of young scientists. He will also perform other duties determined by the statues of the University and assigned by the VC. He also supervises Chemical Laboratories. Thomas M. Klapötke is received his Ph.D. in 1986 (TU Berlin), post-doc in Fredericton, New Brunswick, habilitation in 1990 (TU Berlin). From 1995 until 1997 Klapötke was Ramsay Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Since 1997 he has held the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at LMU Munich.
Professor Dr. Michael B. krawinkel, Pro-VC for Teaching
Born 0000 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany Professor of Nutrition Science Dr. med. Michael B. Krawinkel is responsible for academic activities and teaching. He will also be responsible to maintain liaison with DAAD (German Academic Program) and collection of fund form Germany. He also supervises the Modern Language Center and maintain liaison with the Goethe Institute. • Married – two adult children • Undergraduate Training in Medicine and Doctoral Degree (MD) at the university of Frankfurt/Main, Germany • Postgraduate Training in surgery (1978) and paediatrics (1979/80 and 1983-90) in the universities of Bonn and • 1981 - 1983 Medical Officer, Primary Health Care Program, Kajo Kaji, Sudan, Southern Region •
Professor Dr. Leo Brunnberg, Pro-VC for Pedagogic

Born 0000 in Berlin Professor of veterinary medicine and educational psychology Dr. Leo Brunnberg will be responsible for the areas of international relations and liaison with the German Government.

Prof. Dr. Leo Brunnberg is head of the Small Animal Clinic, Freie Universität Berlin since 20 years. He is specialist in animal surgery and is one of the leading persons in Europe in this field. He is the programming director of the European College of Veterinary Surgery (ESVS) since 15 years in Berlin. He has been Dean of the Faculty for 10 years (2003-2013) and Senator of the Academic Senate, Freie Universität for 15 years and 4 year of the Medical School Charité.After qualifying as a veterinarian (German state examination) in Munich, he received professional training in surgery for 3 years and 3 years in radiology.

Professor Dr. Cornelius Froemmel, Pro-VC for International Relation

Born 1951 in (Niedersachsen) Professor Dr. med. Cornelius Froemmel will be responsible for developing and promoting Medical Education, Nursing Education Curricula of GUB. Moreover he will also be working on the policy development and promotion of Teachers Education Program of German University Bangladesh.
1971-1976 Study Medicine Berlin Charité 1976 PhD Student 1979 MD 1979 – 1988 post doc Biochemistry, Bioinformatics Institute of Biochemstry Medical Faculty Charité Berlin 1988 – Habilitation 1994 – 2005 Professor of Biochemistry Berlin, Humboldt-University 1994 – 2005 Vice Dean of Research Medical Faculty Berlin 2005 – 2012 Dean Medical Faculty and Spokesman of Board of Directors of the University Medical Clinics Göttingen 2012 – Professor and Founding Professor Medical Orthobionics Georg-August-University Göttingen

Professor Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Scientific Adviser

Professor Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed has joined as Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University onFebruary 25, 2009. Prior to joining the new post he was a Professor of Dhaka University in the department of Physics. Professor Ahmed is a fellow and a council member of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences.

Professor Ahmed was born in Comilla in 1947. During his long teaching carrier he held many important posts including Dean of Science of Dhaka University in 1992-2002, Vice-President of Dhaka University Teacher’s Association in 1998, Provost of Kobi Jasimuddin Hall in 1997-2002. He is also a honorable member of Senate inDhakaUniversity. He is a senior Associate Member of International Centre of Theoretical Physics inItaly.


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