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Md Lokman Hossain

Md Lokman Hossain
Department of Environment Protection Technology
German University Bangladesh
Cell: +8801710161588



  • International Elite Graduate Program, Global Change Ecology-major in Environmental Change (2016), Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Geosciences, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • Master of Science in Environmental Science (2010, GPA 3.52), & Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (2008, CGPA 3.65), Position: 1st ; Institute of Forestry & Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh


  1. International Student Study Scholarship: 2014-2016, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  2. Research Grant-2015 from the Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth for participating at a science school on Canary Island in Spain
  3. Science School Scholarship-2015 from the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Germany
  4. Internship stipend 2016 from Elite network of Bavaria, Germany for attending 03 months internship
  5. Conference participation grant 2015 from Elite network of Bavaria for attending UN Climate Change Conference, and Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services conference, Bonn, Germany
  6. Workshop Grant 2013 from International POPs Elimination Network for participating Lead in Paint Elimination workshop, SriLanka
  7. Workshop Grant 2012 from International POPs Elimination Network for attending project inception workshop, Thailand
  8. University Merit Scholarship-2009, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh


List of Publications:

Journal article:

  1. Hossain, M.L., S.M.S. Huda, M.K. Hossain. Effects of Industrial and Residential Sludge on Seed Germination and Growth Parameters of Acacia auriculiformis Seedlings. Journal of Forestry Research, 2009, 20(4): 331-336. Impact Factor: 0.774


  1. Sohrawardy, H., M.L. Hossain. Response of Short Duration Tropical Legumes and Maize to Water Stress: a Glasshouse Study. Advances in Agriculture. 2014: 1-12.


  1. Hossain, M.L., S.R. Das, M.K. Hossain. Impact of Landfill Leachate on Surface and Ground Water Quality. Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2014, 7(6): 337-346.


  1. Rahman, M. A., M.L. Hossain, M.A. Foysal, A. Akter. Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security in South-west Coastal Region of Bangladesh. American Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 2014, 4(12): 1916-1934.


  1. Ivy N., M.K. Hossain, M.L. Hossain. Effects of Industrial Effluents on Germination and Early Growth of Selected Agricultural Crops. Journal of Agronomy, 2015, 14(1): 43-48.


  1. Rubaiyat, A., M.L. Hossain, S.J. Kristy, M.K. Uddin. Ship Breaking Yard Soil: Safe or Harm for Seedlings Growth. American Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2013, 3(3): 121-129.


  1. Foysal, M.A., M.L. Hossain, A. Rubaiyat, S. Sultana, M.K. Uddin, M.M. Sayem, J. Akhter. Household Energy Consumption Pattern in Rural Areas of Bangladesh. Indian Journal of Energy, 2012, 1(5): 72-85.


  1. Foysal, M.A., M.L. Hossain, A. Rubaiyat and Md.B. Hasan. Economics of Homestead Forestry and Their Management Activities at Fatickchari Upazila of Chittagong District, Bangladesh. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2013, 2(4): 161-176

  1. Hossain M.L., Md.J. Uddin. Medical Waste Management at Upazila level in Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques, 2014, 2(3): 85-94.


  1. Hossain M.L., S. Talukder, S.R. Das, M.K. Hossain. Generation of Municipal Solid Waste in Commercial City of Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques, 2014, 2(3): 109-115.


  1. Das S.R., M.L. Hossain, S. Talukder, M.K. Hossain. Solid Waste Management in Commercial City of Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques. 2015, 3(1): 60-70.


  1. Khondoker S., M.L. Hossain, K.A.H. Moni. Wetland management in Bangladesh: A study on Beel Bakar .Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2014. 3(4): 320-328.


  1. Hossain M.L., S.K.N. Nahida, M.I. Hossain. Water quality status of recreational spots in Chittagong City. Journal of Water Resources and Ocean Science, 2014. 3(3): 38-44.


  1. Alam, S., M.L. Hossain, M.A. Foysal, K. Misbahuzzaman. Growth Performance of Mangrove Species in Chakaria Sundarban. International Journal of Ecosystem, 2014. 4(5): 233-238.


Academic Thesis:

  1. Hossain, M.L. Long-term climatic trends and rapid weather events– impacts on European grassland biodiversity and functioning. 2016. Thesis submitted to the University of Bayreuth, Germany.
  2. Hossain, M.L., Varela, F. de Arcaya J.N., M.U.S Nila. How salinity and microclimatic variability regulates low altitude species composition in an oceanic island?, manuscript submitted to the Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth, Germany.
  3. Hossain, M.L. Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Coastal Vulnerabilities of Bangladesh with Adaptation Options. 2010. MSc thesis. University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.                                             
  4. Hossain, M.L. Effect of Sludge on Germination and Initial Growth Performance of Acacia auriculiformis and Swietenia mahagoni Seedlings in Nursery. 2008. BSc thesis. University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Book publication:

Hossain, M.L., S.R. Das, M.K. Hossain, Vulnerability of Bangladesh to Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters. 2011. PP 116.


Newspaper article:

Khandker, S., & M.L. Hossain. Solid Waste: Emerging threat to Gazipur City Dwellers. The Daily Sun, 21 December, 2017, Editorial Page.


Poster publication:

  1. Hossain, M.L. 2015. Global Relevance of Water Erosion. Presented at a block course, University of Bayreuth, Germany.
  2. Hossain, M.L. 2015. Protection against Flooding in Bangladesh. Presented to obtain 05 ECTs, University of Bayreuth, Germany.


Science School:

  1. Low Altitudes Species Composition in the Face of Climate Change, 31 March-14 April 2015, La Palma Island, Spain.
  2. Disaster response and crisis management, 19 July-01 August 2015, Ahrweiler, Germany.
  3. Establishment of innovative, multi-state and multi-national networks, 12-15 September 2014, University of Goettingen, Germany


Conference attended:

  1. United Nations Climate Change Conference, 19-23 October, Bonn, Germany
  2. 7th Biennial Conference of International Biogeography Society, 8-12 January 2015, Bayreuth, Germany.
  3. 3rd Conference on Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 14-17 January 2015, Bonn, Germany.
  4. Good Life Beyond Growth, 21-23 May 2015, Jena, Germany


Research Interest:

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services
  • Grassland Ecosystems
  • Waste Management
  • Island Biodiversity


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